How much does it cost to hire a crypto marketer?

How much is the projected average yearly ROI?

With a wide range of costs, this industry varies so much between small-scale projects and large-scale ones, it can be hard to project. Marketers usually set about a weekly or monthly budget per project and run campaigns according to that, to make sure they reach their expected objectives. There is also a cost associated with acquiring new customers, for example, if you have a demo page on your website or if you market your project on Telegram you will have to pay for those posts on the free network. With so many factors to take into account, it can be hard to have a reliable sense of the true ROI of a project. At Simplint, we calculate ROI and develop strategies based on objective analytics and data.

How much spend on crypto ads?

As per web traffic analytics data w collect, the average amount spent on a crypto ad campaign across the global cryptocurrency industry is just $15,000. The industry is still young and price-sensitive, so marketers are eager to find ways to spend less on advertising. On average, websites post 6 ads per day, every other day. However, most businesses are spending just $15 per post on crypto ads. That’s a disheartening figure. Marketers have to work hard to save on advertising spend, but with a comprehensive, creative and effective strategy, they can still make good money on crypto ads.

How much does cryptocurrency advertising cost?

There is a minimal cost involved with cryptocurrency advertising. It all depends on the agency’s experience and level of expertise. However, we have seen an average of 5%-8% cost, which includes fees and the remaining payments for the ads.

More than this, there is a massive cost factor attached to data-driven marketing and advertising. Think of all the Google analytics integration, email tools, and other digital advertising platforms you have to go through. The amount of data required to make the successful campaigns is huge.